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India has been demonstrating fantastic growth specially in the field of economics. She has been advancing in a way that her economy is cracking up. Artamus can help your company if you are interested in:

  • Search for new products from India
  • Export to India
  • Find a partner in India, etc.

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Artamus has a subsidiary company in Nepal, Artamus Nepal (p) Ltd. Nepal is an interesting market between the two super powers of India and China. Contact us if you are interested in:
  • Outsourcing
  • Export and import
  • Translations and interpretation


Western Balkan

Western Balkan is considered as Europe's most disturbing area. The reason of course lies in both political and economic factors.
Artamus is equipped with several years of experience and knowledge regarding the area. In Serbia, a project by the name Start East Project has been carried out with very impressive results. Furthermore, efforts have been taken in the country's privatisation process that is partly financed by NOPEF (Nordic Project Export Fund)

Development in Kosovo has been pursued with great particularity. There has been many years of cooperation with one of the leading companies called Inter Adria in Pristina, in the area.

Through many years of experience and with a well built network, risks in an overall disturbed area can be minimized. We are willing to take part in an unconditional discussion on different projects as well as discussions within trade, such as investments.

Other Countries

Business Intelligence and Business Information : Through extensive network we carry out the commission on an international basis in this field. We have ample experience in different branches, for example, in the defence industry, environmental technology and medicine technology.

Business development: Here, we work with questions regarding new establishments like, development of an existing business activity and at the same time different international cooperative forms.

Financing of internationalisation and international projects: We work with a circle of different financial opportunities when it comes to establishments in an international market. Central Europe, with Hungary in particular has been the area we are actively involved with. In the Balkans, we are actively working in former Yugoslavia and Greece. We also have a well developed network in Iran.

Artamus AB carries out a number of trading activities every year through an extensive international network. Geographically, we cover East and Central Europe, India, Middle East and Africa. We have many years of experience in international agreements and remittance, that is helpful in creating the possibility of safe and productive business.

New app release from R-coms! Date for Date is unique dating app with the latest design
Artamus is now involved in the company that is focused on e-commerce with products like photo papers, toners and ink cartridges
Artamus has invested in a Swedish event portal called evenemang
IsaDora Nepal, High Quality Cosmetics from Sweden has launched their site
Rubina Rana, our sales and marketing manager in the The Boss Magazine
Jonas Lindblom is mentioned in business article in Kathmandu Post
Artamus Nepal (p) Ltd opens it doors in Kathmandu

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Jonas Lindblom from Artamus and people from Elite Developers held a press conference in Amritsar, Punjab regarding waste management.
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Hindustan Times
Local newspaper
Local newspaper
Local newspaper
Göran Lindblom from Artamus Sweden was one of the speakers at a seminarie held by Karlskrona municipality. Participants were companies in the region, Indian ambassador, Indian students from the local university and the press.
Artamus is welcoming one of the major hotel chains as a new costumers regarding SEO.
Artamus has signed agreement with one major publishing company regarding SEO, PPC an Web Analytics

Internet marketing

Artamus AB has deep knowledge with the area such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and sponsored links (PPC). We know precisely what is necessary
for your website to be seen in the Internet and as first in search engines. We work with customers who understand the fact that one time investment in the internet does not work, but instead, it is a long-termed process that demands a well-thought strategy in order to reach good well- placed goals.
Our clients have the insight of the fact that it is all about risking an trying new ways and not frightened of testing ”Trial and error”. Our clients comprises of both huge dragons and small ferrels, both veterens and new beginners within the field, but they share the conviction of what internet is or, the fact it is going be their most imortant channel that is going to be instrumental in reaching their clients and partners.

Search Engine Optimization

Since we have started working with search engine optimization, we have regularly worked within the frames of what search-motors allow. To locate oneself in a favourable position in search-motors such as Google, Yahoo and MSN today, there is a demand that the client and us, work more like a team for attaining the goal, instead of we, delivering an external solution. Together we can make changes at our website and work out an internet marketing plan which needs the involvement from both our side as well as yours. We work with keyworkd analysis, text-optimization, competitor- analysis, site analysis foremostly in Swedish and Engelska.

Sponsored Links – PPC

The market mix for Internet today, includes sponsored links as an obvious element together with SEO. It is never either or, without giving them the break-through, which is needed for inspection and for generating business for you. To be able to steer campaigns and even testing different messages, are few of the sponsered links stronger aspects. We work with the building, optimisation and superintend your advertisements to be able to achieve maximal ROI.

PR- Online, Search feeds, Web analytics

Vi assist our clients in reaching out with their news through press releases and we assist them to optimise these news, so that they fill several aims. We follow the development of the search engines and work with those tools which they supply. Within the field of webb- analytics we have worked with several different platforms and we possess wide knowledge about Google Analytics.

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